As a main feature the open productivity suite OpenOffice 3 is now officially available as an application package and CUPS does support serial printers now.
Furthermore this release fixes some serious bugs and will work with the latest Sun Java 6 Update 12 (SUITE-308)

A complete list of closed issues for version 0.4.1:

[SUITE-120] - TC management software crashes sometimes after deleting user group
[SUITE-123] - After renaming an environment the management gui hangs
[SUITE-257] - CUPS does not use serial printers
[SUITE-264] - How to Autostart my own application
[SUITE-300] - LDAP connection leak
[SUITE-306] - Fix Java annotations
[SUITE-307] - Switch jboss-sar-maven-plugin to jboss-packaging-maven-plugin
[SUITE-308] - Uninitialized wizard panel components
[SUITE-309] - PDF reader application not shown in start menu
[SUITE-316] - Implement rdesktop dummy ok reply for IOCTL29 (SERIAL_GET_PROPERTIES)

[SUITE-310] - Increase maximum heap size for server
[SUITE-311] - Installer should override files
[SUITE-315] - Update broadcom drivers (tg3) to 3.92n

New Feature
[SUITE-68] - Add Application Package

[SUITE-260] - binary patcher needed for on-the-fly-patching