Microsoft March-Patch changes RDP login – new FreeRDP-Client published

To mitigate a security vulnerability Microsoft implemented fundamental changes in the Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) protocol. RDP clients need to support the latest version of the the CredSSP protocol in order to use Network Level Authentication (NLA). It is therefore no longer possible to connect with older RDP clients.

openthinclient published the new version 2.1-1.2-36.4 of the FreeRDP packages, which supports the latest version of the CredSSP protocol. We advise all users to update the FreeRDP package.

More Information and a list of affected server systems:

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Java 8u144 resolves issue – openthinclient-Manager runs error-free

Oracle released a new version Java 8u144, resolving an issue with the verification of JAR files. (See also previous advisory of openthinclient.)

With this update the openthinclient-Manager can be run without error again.

openthinclient advises its users to update to this version.

More information

8u144 Update Release Notes:

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[Updated] Advisory: Defect in latest Java update prevents execution of openthinclient-Manager


Oracle released a new version Java 8u144, resolving the issue described below. openthinclient advises its users to update to this version.



Execution of openthinclient-Manager ist not possible with the latest version of Oracle Java. openthinclient advises against installing this version of Java on computers where the openthinclient-Manager is used.

Affected products and versions

  • openthinclient-Manager
    • all versions
  • Oracle Java
    • 8u141
    • 1.8.0_141-b15
    • 1.7.0_151-b15
    • 1.6.0_161-b13

Cause of failure

The july update of Oracle Java contains among other things changes in the validation process of JAR files. In the course of this process a particular formatting in the metadata of the JAR can result in an misleading error.

At least one of the libraries used by the openthinclient-Manager is affected by this.

As a Webstart application the openthinclient-Manager is verified at each start. Due to the issue mentioned above the startup of the application is aborted with an error.

Solution / Workaround

Oracle is aware of this issue and working on a solution.

In the meantime openthinclient advises to forgo updating to the latest Java version, or to downgrade to the previous version, on computer where the openthinclient-Manager is used.

More information

Oracle Java 8u141 Update Release Notes:

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ThinClient Signature Pads

With the openthinclient-OS it is now possible to redirect Signature-Pads of the manufacturer Signotec into a Citrix- or RDP-connection.


openthinclient implemented the virtual-chanel-driver the current Signature-Pads of Signotec are supported with a Citrix-session (Citrix-Receiver or Storefront) and Windows-Terminal-Server-session (with FreeRDP) and redirected into the remote session.

Signotec offers a couple of software to use these pads.
For example an Adobe-Reader extension which allows you to place a signature directly onto the Pdf.


  • openthinclient Version Pales
  • >= base 2.1-20
  • >= ica-client 2.1-13.4

Documentation and supported Hardware


Links to the partners:

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Mouse for left-hander

Some lefties (or righties) wants to change their mouse buttons.
This means change left to right button and vice versa.

Most functions in openthinclient® cannot be changed by the user.
The administrator has to configure this centrally.

This requirement is very rare. So we didn’t build an own application package for this function.
You can configure this easily with a command line application:

Add a new application of the type commandline
Add as parameter the following: xmodmap -e “pointer = 3 2 1 4 5 6 7 8 9”
Set the application to autostart=yes
Assign this application to the corresponding thinclient or user.
Good luck.


  • openthinclient version pales
  • base 2.1-18
  • tcos-libs 2.1-19
  • cmdline 2.1-1
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openthinclient update to use with Java-8 now available!

The anticipated support of Java 8 has been realized. The latest update enables you to use the openthinclient manager’s full range of functions under the version 1.8.xx of Oracle-Java.

Please note the following instructions for the update.

– Please use only openthinclient 2.1 Pales. Older versions (such as 2.0 Consus) are no longer maintained.
– Do not start the update process as long as users are working on ThinClients.
– The update has to be carried out under Java 7.

– Please use the openthinclient manager’s package management to look for updates and install all available package updates as usual – EXCEPT the package “openthinclient-manager”.
– Only afterwards should you select the package “openthinclient-manager” and update it:

Update openthinclient Manager
– The manager’s update process takes place without (!) confirmation dialog, which means you have to wait for the progress bar to reach 100 %. The dialog will close automatically upon successful completion.
– In a next step, please close the openthinclient-manager.
– Please erase all downloaded applicatons and the cache (Trace, Log, Cache, Applications and Applets) in the Java settings. See “Java settings” in Windows system control, or use “jcontrol” under linux:

Java delete all cache, application, applet files
– Please relaunch the manager via the URL http://you-openthinclient-server:8080. Do not use saved launch.jnlp files under any circumstances!
– Repeat the last two steps on all computers (and user profiles) that use the openthinclient manager.
– After the relaunch of the openthinclient manager, you can reconnect to your environment (yellow flash icon).
– You can now (or later) update your Java JRE.

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Avoid Java 8 update


With a current update on Java JRE 1.8.0_60 there is an error while starting the openthinclient-Manager.

Error: “Signature of the start file could not be validated”.

We are currently working on an update of the program parts of the openthinclient-Mananger.

We hope we can offer an update as soon as possible. Please be patient.

In the meantime please use Java-7 or Java-6 on the machines for running the openthinclient-Manager.

The Java JRE of openthinclient-Server is not affected.

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5th anniversary of openthinclient

Logo5Jahreopenthinclient celebrates fifth anniversary on the thinclient – market

In 5 years of continuous development and customization of our software we showed that we were able develop the openthinclient-software stable and steady.
The requirements are support of permanently new hardware, and we prove it constantly by using the latest technologies .

Not only the software development was a great challenge.
But also providing efficient and modern thinclients with fast hardware components enables us to satisfy our customers. Hereby we would like to say thank you especially to our customers who have made the right decision to use our products and services in these five years. With their important information, they help us to make right development and changes on the software. We will continue to ensuring this satisfaction of our customers. And we will strengthen our positioning in the thinclient market.

Thank you for your support and loyalty.

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openthinclient again on Linux-days in Chemnitz

openthinclient is represented again this year on the Linux-Days in Chemnitz, Germany:
Steffen Hönig and Jörn Frenzel shows on Sunday, March 16th on 13 clock a presentation entitled “ThinClients of tomorrow, boot over wlan”.

Lecture program

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openthinclient® OS Version 2 CONSUS released

ConsusWith the name Consus, god of the harvest in the Roman mythology, we launch a new version of openthinclient® software suite with fully updated client operating system.
The new openthinclient OS is based on Debian 7 (Wheezy) with latest kernel 3.12

After a long period of intense work, we hereby announce the public release of our new openthinclient® OS.

What is new?

First and foremost new hardware calls for a new OS core. We went for a complete overhaul and chose the reliable Debian GNU/Linux (wheezy) as a basis for the new thin client os. In combination with state of the art kernels and newest Xorg drivers this os enables the use of various types of hardware. The boot process has been noticably accelerated by the use of our own initrd.
As of version 2.0 settings for (dual) monitor setups can be configured effortlessly with the help of our java based openthinclient® Manager console.You may decide which display resolution you would like on which output connector. Apart from a few VIA based devices which suffer from dual screen issues (openchrome) most available display hardware should to be supported.

Some popular apps (rdesktop, spice) are already provided inside the root filesystem (base) of the Consus VM. You can configure these as command line application via openthinclient® Manager.

Furthermore, we hope to provide application packages and core updates faster by using a completely new build environment. Expect openthinclient® OS to be a rolling distribution with only one repository for packages and updates from now on. This should immensely facilitate administrators’ work.

Please update regularly and check whether new applications are available.

What remains?

The already mentioned openthinclient® Manager has undergone only slight changes which do not affect the well-known interface. The only requirement for an openthinclient® server is still just an Oracle Java installation (JRE) on your Computer which may run Linux, Windows, OSX and the likes.
The field of application remains server based computing (RDP, Citrix, VNC), accessing virtualized desktop infrastructures (VDI), using cloud based services, and to lesser degree working with local applications on the client itself.
This helps to improve availability while simultaneously reducing the total costs for hardware, energy, and service.

What is to come?

Several functions of the former version 1 (Minerva or Ceres) – such as local printing or WIFI support – have not been integrated yet.
The further development of openthinclient® is our highest priority. Re-implementing features of older versions is part of this development and we want to improve our software with the help of your feedback and suggestions. All users, irrespective of whether they are commercial customers or enthusiasts are welcome to share their opinions and wishes and thus help us to realize them.
We will soon launch a feature-bid system on our homepage where you can vote (or pay) for a special feature you would like to see implemented. This also helps to divide costs between interested parties.

Get it Now!

The Consus VM is available for download from now on. Go to our Sourceforge repository. You can also update existing installations. For further information on the installation procedure (next to the readme on Sourceforge) please subscribe to our mailing list or have a look at our homepage. We will provide some in-depth guides soon.


Many thanks to the Debian community and their relentless efforts to build the best Linux distribution on earth. Thanks guys!

A special thanks goes out to Professor Klaus Knopper, who made the reinvention of our build system possible in the first place. Without his patience and know-how we would never have come this far.

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