The openthinclient software consists of the components openthinclient-manager, openthinclient-server und openthinclient-OS.

You can download the complete openthinclient software as an executeable installer or pre-installed in a virtual machine.

Virtual Appliance (VM)

You can download a virtual appliance for VMware with the pre-installed openthinclient software. The VM is based on Linux and royalty free.

On the desktop of the VM you find alle basic icons for getting started fast with the openthinclient solution.


To install the openthinclient software on your own server (requirement is an pre-installed Oracle Java JRE), please use the executable openthinclient-installer.

The installer included all components to setup and for use the openthinclient-solution.

Source Code

The basis for the openthinclient®-software is open source.

For software develeopers we provide of course the source code of all components.


To develop the openthinclient®-Software we use e.g. the following tool:


multi-platform installer builder