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The openthinclient-software

openthinclient is a free open source thinclient solution that creates and manages thinclients and starts over the network (via PXE) with a Linux operating system.

openthinclient is made up of three main components that differentiate the solution from most other thinclient manufacturers:

Management via browser

The openthinclient-manager is a browser-based user interface.
Thinclients are created, settings made, applications created and assigned. A tree structure enables a clear management of the environment.

Linux operating system

The openthinclient-OS is a linux-based operating system based on Debian. It has been optimized for use with thinclients.

ThinClients can use any x86-compatible 64-bit hardware that supports PXE boot.

Server with all services

The openthinclient-server includes all functions and services to operate the environment. The configurations are stored in a database and LDAP. Booting takes place via TFTP, the subsequent access to applications via NFS. The openthinclient-manager is started via a web server.


The openthinclient-software can be downloaded as an installer for Windows and Linux, or preinstalled as a virtual appliance.

For the download of the software please go to our webshop and buy the article for 0,00 Euro.

All functions are unlocked. As part of open source use, the software can be used without restriction with up to 49 thinclients (without support).

Source code

An open source project thrives on constructive feedback and software improvements.

On the platform Bitbucket you can view, download and compile the source code of the openthinclient OS as well as the applications. The openthinclient manager, installer and appliance can be found on Github.

We’re looking forward to your first pull request.

Community support

If you have questions about using open source projects, you can turn to the community. Conversely, people try to help others who ask their questions there. The more active the community is, the greater is the benefit for each individual.

Here you will find the version information of the openthinclient software.

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Benefits of thinclients


In a classic PC environment, there are countless ways to steal unprotected data or to install unwanted data via USB stick, DVD or over the Internet. It is almost impossible to achieve or prevent efficient control of such processes. Data is often stored on individual workstations, which aggravates the situation. Server-based IT, on the other hand, offers considerable advantages. Working with server-based systems guarantees a very high standard of security and availability.

The thinclients are usually booted over the network. Nothing is stored on the clients themselves. In the event of a theft, no data leaves the house.

Cost factor

PC environments in larger companies often have different versions of Windows operating systems. It often takes a lot of effort to create and maintain numerous images with software distributions. Migration is time-consuming and costly and often involves reclaiming PCs, even though the existing devices “might still work”.

Thinclients runs applications to provide users with their business applications or desktops via SBC (Server Based Computing) or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). An update of programs and software takes place on the terminal servers. The thinclients themselves can thus be used much longer than PCs.

Environmental protection

In the context of the debate on global climate change, the question of thrifty and responsible energy consumption is a recurrent theme in the IT world as well. The Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT has compared the energy and resource consumption of PCs and thinclient infrastructures in a study. It took into account the entire life cycle, including production, operation, disposal / recycling. According to this study, thinclients weigh about 70% less than normal PCs, even if the weight of the server is included. In addition, they require 80% less transport volume. The production of thinclients consumes less resources and energy than the normal PCs. The individual devices therefore offer substantial advantages both in production and in terms of logistics. In ordinary use, thinclients require about 1/10 of the power of a normal PC.

Not only do they offer an economic advantage, they are also an ecologically sound alternative to avoiding CO2 emissions and electronic waste.

Thinclient solution by openthinclient

The easy-to-use management software makes the administration of the openthinclient solution child’s play. Nothing has to be installed on the thinclients themselves. The openthinclient server and manager is often run as a virtual machine in the RZ.

About openthinclient

openthinclient is designed for environments where a medium to large number of thinclients must be supported and efficiently managed. In contrast to proprietary thinclient solutions, openthinclient offers developers as well as technicians and administrators the possibility to realize customized thinclient solutions – up to installation sizes of 49 thinclients free of charge.

openthinclient is released as open source software under a GNU General Public License (GPL) v2 and the source code and installer are available free of charge. Starting with 50 thinclients, a license for use is required for the professional end customer, which also includes support with SLAs by openthinclient gmbh.

The openthinclient solution was developed by the levigo group, whose ThinClient expertise dates back to 1999. In the year 2009 the same named GmbH was founded and the further development of the code was taken over by the openthinclient gmbh.