openthinclient update to use with Java-8 now available!

The anticipated support of Java 8 has been realized. The latest update enables you to use the openthinclient manager’s full range of functions under the version 1.8.xx of Oracle-Java.

Please note the following instructions for the update.

– Please use only openthinclient 2.1 Pales. Older versions (such as 2.0 Consus) are no longer maintained.
– Do not start the update process as long as users are working on ThinClients.
– The update has to be carried out under Java 7.

– Please use the openthinclient manager’s package management to look for updates and install all available package updates as usual – EXCEPT the package “openthinclient-manager”.
– Only afterwards should you select the package “openthinclient-manager” and update it:

Update openthinclient Manager
– The manager’s update process takes place without (!) confirmation dialog, which means you have to wait for the progress bar to reach 100 %. The dialog will close automatically upon successful completion.
– In a next step, please close the openthinclient-manager.
– Please erase all downloaded applicatons and the cache (Trace, Log, Cache, Applications and Applets) in the Java settings. See “Java settings” in Windows system control, or use “jcontrol” under linux:

Java delete all cache, application, applet files
– Please relaunch the manager via the URL http://you-openthinclient-server:8080. Do not use saved launch.jnlp files under any circumstances!
– Repeat the last two steps on all computers (and user profiles) that use the openthinclient manager.
– After the relaunch of the openthinclient manager, you can reconnect to your environment (yellow flash icon).
– You can now (or later) update your Java JRE.

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